Melissa Hollick is a Professional Session Singer, Composer and Voice Over Artist from the UK.

Wolfenstein: The New Order – I Believe (Official Music)

Singing on Bethesda’s Wolfenstein: The New Order covering Chris Isaak’s song, ‘I Believe’ for the ending soundtrack of the game. See the Youtube video here: CLICK for Wolfenstein YouTube Video

Mauvelle (Alternative Pop Duo)

Official Website: Melissa is part of an Alternative Pop Duo called MAUVELLE. The duo is made up of Melissa on Vocals and Synth and Joe Sullivan on Vocals, Drum pads and Guitar.

Audio Tavern (Music Composition and Production Team)

Melissa co-owns Audio Tavern alongside Joe Sullivan. Audio Tavern is a Music Composition and Production team focusing on songs for a wide variety of platforms. Visit their website

Voice Overs

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